1)Why show at THE58?

Artists sometimes wonder what are the advantages of showing in a gallery in jersey city,

1) With the limited amount of space in NYC and the exceedingly exorbinant rents demanded in NYC artists are looking for alternative venues. Manhattan is quickly expanding into it's outer boroughs and beyond. The emergence of Williamsberg, Brooklyn Jersey City NJ and Red Bank NJ has been eloquently detailed in " The New Bridge and Tunnel Crowd" by Holland Cotter of THE NEW YORK TIMES. March 13th 2005.
2) What type of Artists are you looking for at THE58?
2) At THE58 we are looking for Artists of unique vision and with a voice that needs to be heard. The 58 is open to ALL artists regardless of sex, age or artistic discipline. The guiding principle is quality of work.
3) I have never heard of THE58?
3) THE 58 has quietly and consistently producing quality shows since 2003. Many shows have been both popular and critical successes. While the 58 has maintened it's status as jersey city premier gallery. It is expanding it's scope and influence well beyond it's borders. A testament to the universal power inherent in the visual arts.
4) I can't afford to buy a painting but I really believe in what the 58 does, How can I help?
4) Your support is important and vital to us at THE58. As a art-lover your presence and the presence of others make up our audience. The58 is also looking for qualified people to help the gallery as it expands and grows. If you have a special talent or viable skill and would like to volunteer please contact:


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